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Luigi is my new hero

Amazing. Just wonderful.
Loved at the beginning when Bowser first smashes down on 'em and Toad's face was just like "Aw, FUCK!"
Haha! The entire thing had me laughing.
But Luigi smoked a fire flower cigarette to gain powers. That was just perfect, and for that he is my new hero.
Though I also loved Mario flinging Peach. That was hilarious.

Another great animation

I personally found the length to be good, so no complaint there.
I love the fluidity of your animation. In fact, I think that's what keeps me coming back to these.
The idea is, of course, still good, even if the giant Tetris robots are in them all.
I love the small humor you add in there, too. The little !@%&! right before the blocks start dropping on him. It's like he's sitting there saying to himself, "Seriously? Every fucking time!"

cobra0528 responds:

Haha...exactly. You are the first person to comment on that. Thanks!

lmao - And I live in New Orleans!

God damn that was fucking hilarious. Ah, gotta' love making fun of the truth of n***a's.

Oh and...
I'm the fuckin' king, n***a'!

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Nuke was fucking hilarious. <3

PegasuTV responds:

thats what happens to your country if you dont vote 5lol


But why is everyone bitching about level 31? I figured it out and did it first try, easy.
Ah well.
Sweet game.

Good, but not great

It was good - animation was well done, 3D was cool.
There was nothing exciting about the game. I didn't feel like I was having to react quick in response to sudden turns at high speeds or another driving cutting infront of me.
And idea for that would be to add a few AI drivers, or have AI drive aggressively and to make it so it actually looks like your going 120 mph. Right now it looks more like 25.

This game was good, but like I said, didn't have the excitement of a good racing game.
I did like that you could sort of drift, though. :)

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Great, but confusing

First off, awesome work, everything you've got. Seriously. Love the details, the colors, the way things fade going back...

Now, for this piece in particular though. I've been staring for a while, trying to figure out exactly what is going on with that titan. At first, I thought it was walking towards me and had a third arm on it's back, with the part furthest to the right being the proper left arm of it and the smoke at bottom left was hiding the other leg. Then, I thought it was twisting and falling back and sort of towards the audience and left side of the canvas. That was after I realized that was smoke going through it, like a missile. Now, I do believe it's falling slightly away from us and towards the left, with the roundish part furthest to the left being it's head, though it sort of looks like a shoulder at first glance, and the legs are both things all the way to the right of the canvas.

Assuming this last bit is correct (which I think it is?), then I think it's the smoke. It looks based on the smoke as if the missile came towards the audience, which would not make sense with the way the titan is falling away from us. Perhaps that's what makes it awkward? Not sure, but something makes this picture take quite some time to really understand what's going on with this titan. I feel as if there should be more a feeling of everything coming together and making sense now that the titan has been taken down and is just falling, but instead I get a feeling of confusion and chaos only just beginning.


So cool. :D
I love how he's almost a silhouette, but not quite. Really, I love the lighting in general, though.
And most of this piece. :)

Another amazing character

I love your characters. They're absolutely amazing. All of them. The descriptions make it all the better, as well. The backstory of them, explaining how they came to where they are, the explanation of what they are... Just wonderful.

In short - I love the ideas for your characters, I love the style you draw them in, and i love their descriptions.

Thank you for another great and hilarious piece.

jouste responds:


i'm really happy you enjoy my work so much. thanks so much for dropping me a really well written and positive review! i'm trying to get my coloring up to a little more of a professional level so hopefully i can keep the characters coming!



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